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Shadowrun 5 Character Tent


Did the Samurai hear the Cyberninja drawing his Monokatana? Did the Decker smell the cold smoke of the snitch’s cigarette, who has been waiting here for the past three hours? And does he recognize the brand and know that it is extremely popular with MIFD spooks?

Some say that gamemasters should never do hidden rolls for the player’s character. 

But no matter your personal stance in that debate, it sure would be good if the gamemaster would always know enough about the characters and their (active) augmentations in order to describe the surrounding world as the characters would actually perceive them – taking their (augmented) senses AND their knowledge into account.

Now, the attached character tent for Shadowrun 5 – heavily inspired by the „Character Tent“ zu D&D5 von Gamerstable Dan – can’t do everything.

But using the character tent, the gamemaster can see at a glance, whose character would actually see right away that one of the combat bikes in front of the group’s hideaway still has a hot motor, and also if the fixer would punch into the group’s face’s face because of bad rep of that creep.


You can find the German version of the character tent [HERE].

Have Fun!

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